• Registrations are open now!

    There's a few important things we need to run through first.

    Venturers: NZ$750.00 + Expedition Fee

    Leaders: NZ$350.00 + Expedition Fee


    Staff: NZ$350.00


    Full pricing is on the Costs & Payments page.

  • The Registration Process


    Create an account

    Simply fill in the Register New User section on the homepage, and then click on the activation link in the email we send you.


    Complete the application form

    Fill in the form with as much information you can - and double check it's correct!


    Permission from your parents

    We'll get in touch with your parents and make sure they're OK with you coming to Venture.


    Permission from your Unit Leader

    We'll check with your Unit Leader that you're actively in Venturers and eligible to attend.


    Send in your payments

    We'll be accepting payments through the registration system, including Online EFTPOS and major Debit & Credit Cards.

  • Don't Forget To Read The Payment Information!

    If you haven't already, read through the information over at Cost & Payments

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