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    Kia ora!

    Welcome to all those who chose Pick n Mix! On this expedition, you get to decide what you do for each day during Phase 1. Throughout the expedition there will be preplanned activities, and optional activities (both free, and for an additional cost).


    It’s now time to start your Picking and Mixing! There are a number of additional (optional) programme activities which are listed here in detail that are available for you to choose. To select your preferences:


    1. Log onto your Illuminate 2019 registration.
      New Zealand Registrations - registrations.illuminate2019.com
      Australian Registrations - registrations.international.scouts.com.au
    2. Select the Pick n Mix tab, then choose your options.  

    Check it out as soon as you can and let us know what you would like to do - there are plenty of options to suit all budgets. Planning now means you are all set to go when you arrive in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Spaces are limited for some tours and may fill up fast, so get busy choosing today.


    Make sure you choose before the 16th October. After then, the free options will still be available to choose.


    Please note, some activities are dependent on minimum numbers and may not go ahead. Some swapping of activities at Pick n Mix may be able to be done (for activities that don’t require waivers), however refunds will not be given, so choose carefully.

  • Wednesday Jan 2

    Full Day Options

    Activity ||| Location ||| Effort ||| $$$

    Beach Tourist ||| Matapouri Bay ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Hiking - 1 ||| Russell Forest Walk ||| Med ||| Free

    Cape Reinga ||| Cape Reinga ||| Low ||| $20

    The Tane Tour ||| Waipoua Forest ||| Low ||| $20

    BOI Explore ||| Russell & Paihia ||| Low - Med ||| $40

    Kayaking ||| Bay of Islands ||| High ||| $120

    90 Mile Beach ||| Cape Reinga ||| Low ||| $95

    Urupukapuka ||| Urupukapuka Island ||| High ||| $50

    Sail Phantom ||| At Sea ||| Low -Med ||| $125

    Tall Ship Sailing ||| At Sea ||| Low ||| $155

    Kite Surf School ||| Doubtless Bay ||| High ||| $195

  • Thursday Jan 3

    Half Day Afternoon Options

    Activity ||| Location ||| Effort ||| $$$

    Beach ||| Long Beach - Russell ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Hiking - 2 ||| Opua Paihia Track ||| Med ||| Free

    Kawakawa Explore ||| Kawakawa ||| Low ||| Free

    Paihia Explore ||| Paihia Beach & Town ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Wairere Boulders ||| Wairere ||| ||| $30

    Kayaking ||| Haruru Falls ||| Med ||| $120

    Paddle Boarding ||| Beach ||| High ||| $80

    Fishing ||| At Sea ||| Low ||| $115

    Parasailing ||| Paihia ||| Med ||| $95

    Mountain Biking ||| Waitangi Bike Park ||| High ||| $50

    Skydiving ||| Bay of Islands ||| High ||| $299

    Jet Skiing ||| Bay of Islands ||| High ||| $220

  • Friday Jan 4

    Half Day Morning Options

    Activity ||| Location ||| Effort ||| $$$

    Beach ||| Matauri Bay ||| Low ||| Free

    Geocaching ||| Design your own challenge ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Hiking - 3 ||| Waitangi Mangrove Walk ||| Med ||| Free

    Paihia Explore ||| Paihia ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Rogaine Challenge ||| Secret Location ||| Med ||| $50

    Mountain Biking ||| Waitangi Bike Park ||| High ||| $80

    Kayaking ||| Hururu Falls ||| Med ||| $80

    Paddle Boarding ||| Beach ||| High ||| $100

    Fishing ||| At Sea ||| Low ||| $115

    Parasailing ||| Paihia ||| High ||| $95

    Skydiving ||| Bay of Islands ||| High ||| $299

    Jet Skiing ||| Bay of Islands ||| High ||| $220

    Half Day Afternoon Options

    Activity ||| Location ||| Effort ||| $$$

    Amazing Race ||| Secret Location ||| Med ||| Free

    Beach ||| Matauri Bay ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Geocaching ||| Design your own challenge ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Hiking - 4 ||| Waitangi Mangrove Walk ||| Med ||| Free

    Paihia Explore ||| Paihia ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Mountain Biking ||| Waitangi Bike Park ||| High ||| $50

    Wairere Boulders ||| ||| ||| $30

    Kayaking ||| Haruru Falls ||| Med ||| $80

    Paddle Boarding ||| Beach ||| High ||| $80

    Fishing ||| At Sea ||| Low ||| $115

    Parasailing ||| Paihia ||| High ||| $95

    Eco Dolphin ||| At Sea ||| Low - Med ||| $125

    Skydiving ||| Bay of Islands ||| High ||| $299

  • Saturday Jan 5

    Half Day Afternoon Options

    Activity ||| Location ||| Effort ||| $$$

    Beach ||| Oakura Bay ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Eco Dolphin ||| At Sea ||| Med ||| $125

    Geocaching ||| Design your own challenge ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Hiking - 5 ||| St Paul’s Rock ||| HIgh ||| Free

    Paihia Explore ||| Paihia ||| Low - Med ||| Free

    Wairere Boulders ||| Wairere ||| Med ||| $40

    Kayaking ||| Hururu Falls ||| Med ||| $80

    Paddle Boarding ||| Beach ||| High ||| $80

    Fishing ||| At Sea ||| Low ||| $115

    Parasailing ||| Paihia||| High ||| $95

    Ahipara ||| Aripari ||| High ||| $160

    Rock the Boat ||| At Sea ||| Med ||| $210

    Skydiving ||| Paihia ||| HIgh ||| $299

  • Beach Tourist

    Matapouri Bay

    Enjoy this spectacular white sandy coastal beach. There is also a restful estuary at Matapouri Bay and you can discover the Mermaid Pools at low tide. From Matapouri there is a walkway via the coast to Whale Bay with splendid coastal views (40 minutes one way). Bring your swimwear and plenty of sunscreen - this will be an awesome day at the beach.

    Hiking - 1

    Ngaiotonga Russell Forest Walk.

    This 21km track along the Ngaiotonga Saddle leads you through beautiful Russell Forest and provides an amazing view of the Bay of Islands and the Whangaruru Harbour. Find somewhere to have a swim on the way back to camp.

    Cape Reinga

    Travel up to Cape Reinga and see where the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean in a spectacular swirl of currents. See the lighthouse and a gnarled old Pohutukawa tree believed to be over 800 years old. We’ll go for a walk to Cape Reinga and stop for a picnic and swim along the way.

    The Tane Tour

    Travel through Kaikohe and Opononi making various stops on your way to see Tane Mahuta. Tane Mahuta is a giant Kauri tree thats is estimated to be between 1,250 years and 2,500 years old in the Waipoua Forest of Northland. It is the largest kauri tree known to stand today.

    We will also stop at Wairere Boulders, which is like stepping into a prehistoric world. Hundreds of fluted basalt blocks cluster together in a formation that stretches 1.8 km.

    BOI Explore

    With beaches, towns & short walks all within a very short distance of each other, we will be able to create a flexible itinerary so you will have as much opportunity as possible to explore and create your own awesome day.

    Activities include short hikes, swims, ferry rides, hill climbs, historic churches, and so many beaches.


    Bay of Islands Kayaking
    This is a 6 hour tour for adventurous souls. Get away from the crowded boats and come and enjoy an adventure. The Bay of Islands is a Sea Kayaking paradise, with crystal clear water, rock gardens, caves and abundant marine life. Stop and snorkel, or take a walk on different islands.

    90 Mile Beach

    This is the ultimate tourist tour of 90 Mile Beach and Cape Reinga. You will travel aboard a special Fullers Coach designed to drive down 90 Mile Beach (rather than having to take the road back!) after having travelled up to Cape Reinga Lighthouse. You also get to experience sand surfing at Te Paki Stream.


    You will travel by boat to Urupukauka Island from Paihia Coast, which is the largest island in the Bay of Islands. Urupukapuka Island is packed with fantastic walking tracks, where you can joy native forest and stunning views of the Bay of Islands. You will walk a 7.3km archaeological track that will take you through wetlands that are home to endangered native birds like the brown teal and dotterel, and past the remains of fortified Māori villages. After that it’s time to indulge in some swimming and relaxation on one of Urupukapuka’s beautiful beaches before returning back to Paihia.

    Sail Phantom

    Limited to just 10 people, this is an awesome opportunity to explore the Bay of Islands by yacht. You will sail to the skipper’s favourite secluded spots, and may even get the chance to do some snorkelling. The yacht leaves at 10am and returns around 4pm. While we’ve managed to secure our own tour, you can check out their website at phantomsailingbayofislands.com

    Tall Ship Sailing

    Discover the beautiful Bay of Islands like Captain Cook discovered New Zealand, in a stunning tall ship - you can take the helm, hoist the sails or climb the rigging. The tour includes swimming and an island stopover in a sheltered bay. Check out their website at tucker.co.nz

    Kitesurf School

    Experience the excitement of kitesurfing on the awesome beaches around the Karikari Peninsula in Doubtless Bay. Never been kite surfing before? Learn how to kitesurf with professional trainers. Kite Surf School is a full on exciting day in the water. Power yourself through the water with the kite and get a real feeling for this amazing sport.

    Beach - Thursday

    Spend the day chilling at Long Beach at Russell, well known for its safe swimming. The beach is quite long, representing the name. A round trip, walking end to end is around 30 minutes.
    Bring your swimwear and plenty of sunscreen - this will be an awesome day at the beach.

    Hiking 2

    Hike Opua to Paihia.

    This 2.5 hour track is part of the Te Araroa Trail (that traverses the length of New Zealand). This an 8km stretch of the trail between Opua and Paihia, which follows the coast and offers panoramic views. It’s reasonably easy walking, with a swim on the way back to cool off.

    Kawakawa Explore

    Kawakawa is world famous for the Hundertwasser toilets which were designed especially by the town’s famous Austrian resident Friedensreich Hundertwasser. With mosaics, grass growing out of rooftops and a train that runs right through the middle of the street this is a truly unique place to visit. For an extra $20 you can take a ride on the historic train.

    Wairere Boulders

    Trails, kayaks, bush, and a swimming hole.Walk through a scramble of eroded basalt rocks, leading through subtropical rainforest, and over 24 wooden structures up to a viewing platform. The Wairere Boulders have been classed as an ONF (Outstanding Natural Feature (worldwide) and have been voted Best Place in Northland.
    Have a look at their website for more info at wairereboulders.co.nz

    Don’t choose this as a half day activity if you are doing the full day Tane Tour.


    Visit Waitangi, and then kayak to the incredible Haruru Falls. Haruru means “big noise” and this tour will get you right underneath these magic horseshoe-shaped falls to feel their full power. After a little instruction we will head up the river exploring mangrove forests on our way to the falls. Enjoy a swim in the falls before heading back to Waitangi.

    Paddle Boarding

    No worries! Our intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding session will leave you feeling confident to stand up, paddle, turn and simply enjoy flat water SUPing. We’ll start with a ‘dry run’ where you will become familiar with the equipment and SUP safe practices.

    On the water we will go through different paddle strokes you can use to navigate through the water. We will teach you how to turn and maneuver the board with ease. You’ll learn a few warm ups and cool downs you can use too! Lessons run at your own pace, we’ll have you standing in no time and are happy to offer challenge by choice!


    The Bay of Islands is one of the best for fishing in New Zealand and the world, with marlin, hapuku, broadbill, kingfish, snapper, trevally and more.
    You will see why game fishing has its roots here, right back to the early 1900s when Zane Grey put Bay of Islands on the world fishing map.


    The ultimate way to see the spectacular island paradise of the Bay of Islands - jump on board our specialised parasail boat for the high-flying experience of a lifetime.

    Included in this activity is a tandem or a triple flight. If you’d like to be on a single then this is an additional $20 (payable at Venture). The total combined weight per flight must be between 60kg and 250kg.

    Mountain Biking

    Visit Waitangi Mountain Bike Park - Northland’s premier mountain bike park. The park offers 30 trails of varying difficulty, from introductory downhill riding, jump trails, cross country to beginner trails. This activity includes bike hire and an instructor to improve your skills.

    Want more downhill time? For an extra $5 per shuttle you can get a ride to the top of the park instead of biking up the hill.


    Jump from 9000 feet with a 20 second freefall with Skydive Bay of Islands. The view is guaranteed to take your breath away and the exhilarating free fall will have you buzzing long after your feet touch the ground! For a bit of extra cash you can go even higher.

    Check out their website at skydivebayofislands.com

    You must weigh under 100kg.

    Jet Skiing

    Hop on a Tango Island Tours one hour jet ski tour, and cruise out past rocky Tapeka Point, stop at historic Cook’s Cove, then head around delightful Motura Island and back, looping through some of the mainland bays with picturesque scenery and playful wildlife.

    Beach - Friday

    Spend the day at Matauri Bay - sheltered white sandy beach and crystal clear waters make this one of Northland’s favourite aquatic playgrounds. A short stroll up the hills surrounding Matauri Bay provides panoramic views to the nearby Cavalli Islands.


    Roadtrip? Swim? Quick hike? Or just a chill day? Design your own tour and find as many caches as you can, in as a short a time as possible. This is your challenge, and it’s your choice.

    Hiking - 3 & 4

    Take a walk through the mangroves to Haruru Springs from the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi, and then along the bush-clad banks of the Waitangi River to Haruru Falls. A feature of the walk is the boardwalks, which provides an opportunity to pass through the interior of a mature mangrove forest, an area which is usually inaccessible. The mangrove is a remarkable tree because of its ability to live in saltwater. The walk is 2.5 hours one way, and we’ll arrange transport to pick you up at the end.

    Rogaine Challenge

    Rogaining is an orienteering sport of long distance cross-country navigation, involving both route planning and navigation between checkpoints using a variety of map types. In a rogaine, teams of 2–5 people choose which checkpoints to visit within a time limit with the intent of maximizing their score.

    Amazing Race

    Explore Northland while partaking in an Amazing Race. Are you up for the challenge?

    Eco Dolphin

    Cruise the Bay of Islands in search of dolphins and whales. Get up close and personal to these
    amazing creatures with our low viewing decks, and if conditions permit, you can jump into the warmest waters in New Zealand and snorkel with these graceful and inquisitive creatures (for an extra $30 per person) – it'll be an experience you will never forget!

    Beach - Saturday

    Oakura Bay - This one kilometre long beach of white sand is on the southern side of Whangaruru Harbor. It's a wonderful place to explore, with coastal walks in both directions. If you’re looking for a challenge, see if you can find the hidden large rock pool at the southern end.


    Experience the unique Ninety Mile Beach - one of New Zealand's most beautiful beaches - on horseback! There will be a short talk on horse care, then you will head down to the beach for a 90 min horse trek along the beach.

    Hiking 5

    This track climbs up 500m to St Paul's Rock, which stands high above Whangaroa township and provides spectacular views of the Whangaroa Harbour.
    A lesser known hike amongst tourists, but wildly appreciated amongst the locals of Whangaroa, St. Paul’s Rock is a cross between a Paddleboarding and a scramble.
    There are several steep sections which involve the use of chains and ladders, and it takes around half an hour to get to the top. Yes you read that right, only half an hour! You can easily spend an hour at the summit admiring the views though.
    You will be treated with a 360-uninterrupted view of the Waitapu Bay and the Whangaroa Harbour.

    Rock the Boat

    The Rock Adventure Cruise - just 15 spots available.
    This is an exciting overnight boat adventure. You may spot penguin, sharks, whales, orca and dolphin. Exploring one of the larger islands you'll have time to gather seafood for dinner, kayak the reefs, snorkel the pristine waters & swim. You'll enjoy a BBQ dinner and then settle in for a cosy night on the ocean. You might even be brave enough to try some night swimming.
    The cruise will disembark at 5pm Saturday and return to Paihia at roughly 3pm on Sunday. You will then travel directly back to Kaiwaka for Phase 2. Participating in this cruise means you will be later getting back to the main venture site on Saturday but we think this cruise is totally worth it and likely to be the highlight of your expedition.
    You should be back before the evening activities start at 8pm.
    For more info on this truly spectacular cruise check out the Rock Adventure Cruise website at rocktheboat.co.nz

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