• Phase 2 Activities

    With the Phase One Expeditions completed, everyone returns to the Venture Site in Kaiwaka for Phase Two.

    Imagine 1000+ teenagers in one place, sparking with enthusiasm as they vent their energy through an extensive range of on-site activities, off-site adventures, and evening events. Above all, Phase Two provides five days of choice for you to choose how to spend your time. It can be as adventurous (or not!) as you like, with as many activities (or time to socialize!) as you wish. The hardest part will be fitting it all in!


    On-site Activities
    The Venture site will be bursting with activities that you simply rock up and try for as long as you like, as many times as you like. Almost all are included in your Venture fee, and those that are not, are at mates-rates.


    Off-site Activities
    More details will be coming soon from the Programme Team, but rest assured there will be plenty of choice (and pricing options).


    Night Activities
    Ventures are famous for being non-stop, and Illuminate 2019 will be no different! The action continues each day long after the mighty sun has set, with awesome night entertainment to keep things burning deep into the night. Live bands and DJs and a variety of themed nights are in store to make sure your five nights on Phase Two are on fire.


    The best part? Every night has a different theme - check out them out now!

  • Coming soon

    We're just locking in the final details - in the meantime, have you checked out the Evening Themes yet?

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