• Phase 1 Expeditions

    The first half of Illuminate 2019 is known as Phase One - or the Expeditions.


    We've updated the expedition list below to show which expeditions are still open, ​and which ones that are filling up.


    Follow the links below to find your Expedition's Facebook group (and check out the Facebook Event for your Unit in the group).

  • Upskill & Create

    In The Spotlight


    Lights, Camera, Action, Applause! This is a chance to showcase your performing skills on the stage! As a group, you will produce and perform a 20 - 30 minute production which will be shown to everyone during Phase 2. As inspiration, you will get the chance to see some of Auckland's theatre scene, including some of the best acts at the SKYCITY Theatre! Find your place in the limelight and show your talents for all to see!

    MasterChef Challenge


    Food, glorious food! Just like the TV show, you will form into teams to compete against each other to create the most beautiful and delicious dishes for extra special guests. These guests will be your harshest critics, so to help you along your journey your team will visit some of New Zealand's top Restaurants and will have the help of their top Chefs. To prevent things from being too easy your team will need to go to the early morning markets to compete for the best fresh ingredients to use in your cooking challenges.

    Snap Happy


    Get those Cameras going and supercharge your photographic skills with the help of tutors from the National Scout Photography School. Gain confidence in using your Camera's settings to your advantage to take some awesome shots. Be tutored on improving the composition and exposure of your photos, and play around with some cool techniques - such as low light/night graffiti photography. To find inspiration, you will embark on field trips to Auckland City, Rangitoto Island and various West Coast Beaches. Once you are done for the day you will share your photos with your peers to show your improvement. You will bring a Camera along with you, two memory cards to store the masterpieces and a USB drive to help transfer your photos.

    Bright Spark


    Enhance the most important part of you - your Brain! Unleash your leadership potential through both team and personal challenges designed to grow you as a person. Be inspired by Political, Sporting and Business leaders. Find yourself through the unique and diverse culture making up New Zealand's demographic. Build your confidence in delivering your message to an audience with the help of Toastmasters. At the end of the day spend some time reflecting on your experiences and planning on bringing these improvements into your everyday life. As a bonus, this expedition meets the requirements of the Cooksey Leadership Course!

    Shoot Em' Up


    Ready the firing range, as the Venturers are coming! Great 'bang' for your buck as you have a go with the .22 rimfire, centerfire and shotguns. Try Archery, Pistols and possibly Black Powder. Flexible for any level of shooting experience, even if you've never lifted a rifle before! If you have shooting experience you will be excited by the open range and bush shooting opportunities. In the evenings we will head offsite for some awesome activities.

    Lights, Camera, Action!


    Turn on the camera, because it's improv - Venture Style! An ultimate challenge of production, acting, writing, filming, editing and directing your team will have 5 days to create a silver screen masterpiece. A drama about your Unit Chair's lost scarf? A comedy about your Venturer Leader's greatest fails? Creative freedom will be yours as you and your team create a short film which will be shown on the big screen back at Venture for all to see - so it better be good!

    Start Your Engine


    Rev' up your engines and embrace your inner petrol head with this expedition! For over 15s this is an opportunity to both get your hands dirty under the hood and learn the techniques of Car Club style autocross driving - which places demands on car handling and driver skills instead of just engine power and outright speed. One for the ready, two for the show, three for race time - go, Venturer, go!

  • Land Adventure

    An AWOL Adventure


    Are you fit? Do you crave adventure? Then this is the expedition for you! This expedition will see you take on the challenges set by the awesome team at Awol Adventures. You will have two days of abseiling - including the chance to conquer the 10m free fall ledge jump, freestyle jumps or an introduction to canyoning trip - you choose. To relax after, you can take up the sun for a day at the famous Piha Beach before setting off on a one day tramping adventure on the rugged west coast cliffs. You will have a high standard of fitness and agility to fully enjoy this adventure.

    Anything Air


    Take off! This expedition will take off as you embrace your inner aviator! Auckland and Northland's most interesting airports will be inundated with Venturers - including Whenuapai Air Base, Ardmore and Auckland Airport. You'll get up in the sky on a flight to Kerikeri, experience the thrill of gliding and give it a go with a trial flight. You'll also explore other ways of flying, including the amazing air trapeze at Paihia Adventure Park.

    Dark Depths of Waitomo


    Deep below the grassy meadows of New Zealand’s King Country is one of the world's most popular cave labyrinths. You will experience blind abseil descent, crawl through narrow squeezes that will test your claustrophobic boundaries, climb thundering underground waterfalls, inch your way face to face with the narrowest of vertical cliff faces, enjoy limestone-flavoured mud sandwiches, and learn to swim eel-like through thick slimy mud hauls…..
    You will have a high level of fitness and agility to cave and we will provide all of the equipment you need.

    East Meets West


    Take up New Zealand's North Cape as you cross from coast to coast without passing a single road! You will tramp to 90 Mile Beach, via Cape Reinga Lighthouse and Cape Maria van Damin. This unique part of New Zealand will see you tramping through low lying manuka scrub and soft sand dunes - so sun gear is a must! There will be opportunities along the way to go swimming, fishing (so bring a hand fishing line) and to boogie board the giant Te Paki Sand Dunes. You will be a competent tramper who can carry a pack comfortably and able to supply a compliant gas cooker (we'll bring the cartridges).

    Horsing Around


    Saddle up, it's time to go horse trekking! Novice and Intermediate riders will thrive on this expedition as they learn basic equine handling skills, gear handling, and grooming techniques. You will trek over hills and across farmland, including the exotic Woodhill Forest. Play fun learning games - of which you could say involves a bit of 'horseplay'. Outside of 'horsing around' you will visit the Kaukapakapa Sculpture Park, soak in the Parakai Hot Pools and explore the unique Muriwai Gannet Colony.

    Lost In The Wild


    A chance for an adventure of a lifetime as you and your friends are thrown into the ultimate challenge - BUSH SURVIVAL! Not for the faint of heart, we will send you out into the bush with no tents, no hot showers, and no clean clothes. You will be in an area of native New Zealand forest and will have a survival scenario that you will have to live out over the next five days. You will learn to identify, attract, catch and prepare real food - including identifying which New Zealand fauna is safe to eat. Shelter will be found, and built by you and your teammates. This is a real adventure in a safe and semi-controlled environment, although we make no promises about the weather!

    Man Hunt


    Take part in the ultimate wide game - Manhunt - as you go through the LandSAR (Land Search and Rescue) certification. You will use fun and challenging simulated search and rescue scenarios to learn the best tracking and search techniques from the masters. You may also relax with some abseiling and swimming! No previous experience is required, but ideally you'll have an Outdoor First Aid Certificate (although not compulsory), be comfortable in the outdoors and have access to tramping equipment.

    Off Road Renegades


    Time to get your 4x4 on! You will explore the muddiest tracks we can find, some pretty awesome sand dunes and some of New Zealand's best forest tracks. It will be time to get down and dirty as you learn how to improvise, fix and repair off-roaders. When you've had enough off-roading there will be time to visit museums, go swimming or anywhere else which may interest us.

    Pedal Power


    Push the pedal to the limit in the best mountain biking tracks Northland has to offer! You will spend two days at the Whangarei Glenbervie Forest and before heading to the brand new Mountain Biking Park at Waitangi. Chill out by ending each day with a refreshing swim. Enjoy the thrill of the world famous Paihia Action World with its unique trapeze. Go deep at the Whangarei Abbey Caves and go next door to the Glenbervie Forest High Ropes. If you want to bring your own bike, it will need to be checked over by an approved cycle shop before Venture.

    Sunset Island


    As the sun sets, will you be ready to survive? This expedition will strand you on a small remote Northland Island. Your challenge is to stay alive by seeking out clean water, fresh food and seeking shelter. You will learn along the way great techniques for identifying, catching, cooking food. A fresh-water supply will need to be found, and you will need to figure out a way of signaling for help so that you are rescued. You and your team will face many challenges, both natural and man-made.

    Sunrise to Sunset


    Get your bike on as you travel one of New Zealand's oldest Rail Trails from the Tasman to the Pacific. A true Coast to Coast adventure your trip will also include Sand Surfing the Wild West's rugged sand dunes, riding the train through Kawakawa and trying the world famous "Hundertwasser" toilets. We aren't just on our bikes as we finish off the trip with a Kayak to one of the Bay of Islands archipelago. This multimodal expedition will see you walk, cycle, sandboard, train, boat, bus, kayak, and swim.

    Wet and Dry


    Two Tremendous Tramps await you in the Northland's best walking spots. Tramp NZ’s Northernmost Rainforest following an ancient Maori trans-coastal transport route. Be prepared to get wet though. Very wet! Deep river crossings and well, what’s a rainforest without rain? Then in polar opposite, low manuka scrub, scorching sun, windblown dust, and dirt. Tramp to Cape Brett Lighthouse, where tonight's accommodation has 359-degree views!
    Dependant on weather, Water Taxi back to reality through the world famous 'hole in the rock'.

    Tane's Far North Travels


    Find Northland's Maori heritage with this terrific tourist tour. See some of the best the Far North has to offer, taking in the views of the coast, seeing Tane Mahuta (New Zealand's biggest Kauri Tree), discover Doubtless Bay, go to Cape Reinga to see where the oceans meet, head down 90 Mile Beach (New Zealand's longest beach). The history is alive as you head to the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi, cruise on a tall ship, stay over at Kerikeri and finish it off with a visit to Russell - once New Zealand's capital city. This is a chance to experience a true Kiwi Road Trip seeing the best Northland has to offer.

  • Water Adventure

    90 Mile Surf


    Want to learn some new tricks to kick your surfing skills up another notch? We will be finding the best waves we can as we surf our way along 90 Mile Beach. When you are not surfing you can take the opportunity to learn how to make your own surfboard from New Zealand's master surfboard craftsman. Find out how to read the weather and sea to find the best waves. Help out in the town's Community Garden to do your good turn of the day. As the sun sets it's time to cook dinner on the BBQ or Pizza Oven, enjoy the Spa, relax with your new mates, watch a movie or sing the night away!
    To enjoy this expedition we expect you to have basic surfing experience, including being able to surf standing up and able to turn.

    Big Foot's Footsteps


    Kayak Auckland's Outer Islands guided by the amazing Bigfoot Adventures crew. You'll explore Rangitoto, Auckland's newest volcanic cone; Rotoroa Island, an 82 hectare predator-free wildlife sanctuary and Camp on Ponui Island, a unique place with New Zealand's only feral donkey breed. Next is an exploration of Auckland's volcanic history including Mt Hobson, Mt Eden, and One Tree Hill. To finish it off a trek will be made from one side of New Zealand to the other - in less than half a day - before visiting the home of the America's Cup.

    Cavelli Islands


    Paddle your way to this semi-remote group of untouched off-shore Islands. Stay on Cavelli Island and explore the main Island for Kiwi and other unique native NZ birds and Tuatara before exploring the smaller Islands in the Group. Test your fishing skills (lines supplied) then prepare and cook your days catch! There's good swimming, snorkeling, and spearfishing, so bring your own gear with you. We'll bring kayaks, PFDs, and experienced guides.

    City of Sails


    Raise the Sails as it is time to command the seas of the inner Hauraki Gulf. An awesome learning opportunity to take advantage of you will have the chance to gain your Water Charge Certificate, Day Skipper Certificate, Gain Powered Certificate and Rowing Charge Certificate. You will head out on the small, speedy Cutters to hone your sailing skills. For inspiration spend some time at the NZ Maritime Museum and the NZ Yacht Squadron, home of the America's Cup. Note: New Zealand Outdoor First Aid Certificate (or equivalent) and the New Zealand Coast Guard 'Day Skipper' Certificate are required to fully qualify for the SANZ Water Charge Certificates.

    Dive Open Water


    For those who have already made their diving debut, this expedition will take you further! You will be exploring the beautiful Bay of Islands finding all the best places to dive. Potential spots (depending on weather) include the HMNZS Canterbury wreck and the 'Poor Knights Islands' - the second equal best dive spot in the world. Converging warm water currents, a microclimate and thousands of years of separation from the mainland have resulted in a unique biodiversity below and above the water line. You will have completed an Open Water or Advanced Dive Certificate and we'll gear you up with tanks and refills, and any additional gear you need will be available for hire.

    Dive School


    If you've always wanted to explore the underwater world for longer than you can hold your breath, then learning to dive is for you! Take the opportunity to learn to dive whilst gaining the Internationally Recognised PADI Open Water Dive Certificate in the beautiful Bay of Islands. To make the most of the experience you will do the theory work online so when you turn up to Venture you can focus on having the time of your life. When you are not doing one of your eight dives (including 2 pool based training dives and 6 ocean dives), you will be given plenty of time to explore subtropical Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands including the iconic Rainbow Falls.

    Kayak Urupukapuka


    A kayak trip like no other! Based on Urupukapuka Island, a stunning recreation reserve, you will explore many of the 140 islands in the Bay of Islands. These islands act as a refuge for many of New Zealand's endangered birds and have some amazing views. Dolphins, orca, and whales may greet you as you head to sites such as the famous 'Hole in the Rock' and Cape Brett Lighthouse. Take a chance to get off the Kayak and swim and snorkel in the bays. For these amazing experiences, a camera is a must-have! You will be equipped with Kayaks and safety gear but be sure to bring along Snorkels, Fins and a Mask so that you don't miss out!

    Sailing Masters


    Man the helm and call the shots, you're in charge of this 28m long bus as it crashes through another Pacific Swell. Smell and taste the warm, clean, salty air as you step aboard two of New Zealand's best known deep-water sailing yachts - the Lion NZ and the Steinlager II. These historic ships were raced by the late Sir Peter Blake during the Volvo Round the World Series. You will have 4 days on these amazing yachts - an awesome chance to get some good racing in against your fellow expedition mates. A chance to step up the skills you already have with lessons on navigation using charts, RADAR, GPS and even the stars! It really is a cozy life at sea in a racing yacht!

    Sun, Surf and Sand


    After a long, hard year all you want is a chance to relax.. then this expedition is for you! Enjoy a cruise but fun tour of Northland's East Coast Beaches with opportunities to learn to surf, snorkel at New Zealand's first ever Marine Sanctuary, try out some traditional beach games and even see some of the local dolphins and orca! Embrace your inner Kiwi and enjoy the classic Kiwi Summer!

    Surf School


    No idea which end is what, or what way is up on a Surfboard? Our professional coaches are ready to help beginner to early intermediate surfers master the art of the wave. Based on the beautiful silicon sand Pacific Beach you will have the chance to experience some of the best surfing available. Quality lessons will allow you to try surfboards, paddle boards or even surf kayaks in four 2 hour sessions per day. Outside of surfing you may get a chance to horse around with horse treks available. Be prepared to learn and have a rad time!

  • Multi-Adventure

    Amazing Race


    As seen on TV, the Amazing Race is a team adventure mixing energy and brain power. Without giving the race away too much, you may see yourself bouncing from one side of the island to the other. You could end up kayaking, abseiling, running, hill climbing, swimming - the list goes on! The challenge will be to resolve all of the day's clues to find the last meal, and somewhere to sleep. Be prepared to fight for your team's right to be crowned the best!

    Pick n Mix


    Stay in the beautiful Bay of Islands, your own way! Your campsite will be centrally located inland and you will be sleeping in tents. You will start off with a visit to Kerikeri & NZ’s oldest stone building, the Waitangi treaty grounds and the iconic hole in the rock at Cape Brett. Then the choice is up to you! Options may include Fishing, Skydiving, Swimming with dolphins, Hiking, Sailing, Kayaking, Parasail, Gliding or visiting the tourist spots such as 90 Mile beach and “Tane Mahuta”.

    Rogaine Run


    A test of the Mind, Body, and Soul - Rogaining is an international orienteering sport which takes you cross country in small teams navigating between checkpoints to gain points. A few days will be spent training and preparing you with small team challenges before the main event - the ultimate 48 hour Rogaine Challenge! You will need to be fit, a team player and up for anything to take on the challenge which may include Abseiling, Paddle Boarding, Running, Beach Games, Tramping with and many more... Can you think on your feet, have good stamina, able to make fast decisions, able to work together as a team? Then this is the challenge for you!

    To The Limit


    Need a push? Want a challenge? We've given you a variety of physical challenges designed to both challenge you, and make you laugh! Each day is a different physical activity, some days tougher than others. Activities may include Mountain Biking, Hiking, Horse Riding, Trapeze, Fishing, Swimming, Kayaking and opportunities to swim every step of the way. This is not a walk in the park, so better get training!

    Waiheke Wanderers


    Lonely Planet named Waiheke Island one of the world's Top 10 Regions to visit in 2016 - so why not visit? Explore the best the island has to offer beginning with the Oneroa and Onetangi Beaches. Other activities include Horse Riding, Fishing, Archery, Clay Bird Shooting, Kayaking and a Flying Fox Zipline Tour. To finish it all off you can explore Waiheke's unique art scene which includes an inspiring sculpture park.

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