• Frequently Asked Questions

    We're finding our own way to Venture - whereabouts are we actually supposed to be going?

    Venture is going to kick off on site in Kaiwaka, so you want to aim for the Venture site - the Kaiwaka Sports Association complex.

    How can I get to Venture if I'm not flying into Auckland Airport?

    It’s up to you to find your way to Venture, but many Zones and Regions are organising joint transport. Have a chat with your Zone Venturer Leader or Regional Venturer Leader and see if they've got any plans.

    When do registrations close?

    You need to get in before on July 31st (extended from June 30th).

    When will I know what expedition I am doing?

    We'll need to do a bit of juggling to try and get everyone their first choice. The team will be working throughout July to lock everything in, so you should hear back in August.

    I selected my expeditions, but now I've changed my mind. Can I change my selection?

    You can change your expedition selection up until the 30th June, but after this you'll need get in contact with the Programme Team.

    Can I be a Unit Leader for Phase 1, and have an additional role during Phase 2?

    Absolutely! We'll need some help onsite during Phase 2, but keep in mind that you will need to be there to support your unit for the rest of Venture.


    When do I need to leave site by?

    Make sure you have packed up all your stuff including your tent and leave by 12pm on 11 January.

    Um, whereabouts can I wash my clothes?

    Good question! There'll be washing machines onsite for Phase 2, but you'll need to bring enough (suitable!) clothes for Phase 1. Gear lists will be out later this year with more information.

    Do we have to do our own cooking? Should I bring food?

    The majority of the expeditions are catered, so you don't need to bring or do anything. Some expeditions like tramping will require cooking (but food will be supplied) - we'll let you know in due course. Phase 2 is fully catered onsite.

    What sized tents will be required, do we supply them or will they be supplied?

    You'll need to bring a tent - a two-person dome hiking tent is the easiest to pack and carry. If you require a particular kind of tent for your expedition, we'll let you know.

    Help! I haven't received my confirmation emails!

    Just flick an email to admin@illuminate2019.com and we'll find out whats happening for you.

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